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Forever Manchester is a charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester

People of Earth—

In 2018, will never:

? give you up? let you down? run around? desert you? make you cry? say goodbye? tell a lie? hurt you

Legal scholars say there’s no legal provision prohibiting Supreme Court justices from sharing their opinions online or in speeches. The Supreme Court has maintained that the strict code of conduct that applies to lower court judges does not apply to them, but that doesn’t mean that the legal community looks favorably on justices making public comments.

“I believe those types of comments do considerable damage to the integrity of the court,” said Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert and a law professor at George Washington University who has criticized what he calls the “rise of the celebrity justice.”

11YO—Daddy, why do politicians talk about Eminem's domain?

ME—That's eminent domain.


ME—Sorry, you only get one shot.????

Social media, he said, has not been a huge problem because of the generational gap. Still, justices have gotten themselves in hot water over the years because of comments made during speeches and other public statements.

Turley mentioned Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and late Justice Antonin Scalia as two justices who have repeatedly been criticized for sharing their political views. Ginsburg came under fire and ultimately apologized for her comments about Trump in 2016, and Scalia made public comments on President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and the legal rights of Guantanamo Bay prisoners during his tenure.

My three favorite chocolates—pawsitively:

?? dark?? white?? milk

“There’s no evidence that this problem is receding,” Turley said. “It has gotten worse every year as justices appear before large audiences and discuss issues relating to cases before the court.”

Judges, especially those on lower courts, largely steer clear from discussing pending or impending cases to avoid the perception that they’ve made up their mind on an issue, said Charles Geyh, a law professor at Indiana University and an expert on judicial conduct and ethics.

“Most courts have said be careful in the way that you deal with your online presence because you have a duty to uphold the impression of impartiality,” he added.

When you're tired of cornbread shaped like Colorado and Wyoming.

Willett hasn’t tweeted since joining the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals at the beginning of this year, but it remains to be seen whether or not his tweets will interfere with any potential nomination.

“The way justices have survived the gauntlet is by being as low profile as possible,” Geyh said, but he added that it’s unlikely this Senate would not confirm Trump’s nominee.

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Park Ride (PR) facilities outside the center of Rotterdam offer free or cheap parking with public transport connections into the city center. For some locations (Slinge A15, Kralingse Zoom A16/E19 and Alexander A20/E25), you can park for free if you have a valid check-out on your public transport card (OV-chipkaart).

As a Dutch city Rotterdam is well connected to extense (inter)national bicycle networks which use all kinds of infrastructural facilities.

Most attractive for tourist to cycle over longer distances are the so called LF-routes . So the city center is croshed by LF2 Stedenroute (City Route) from Amsterdam to Brussels and LF12 Maas- en Vestingroute follows the flow of river Maas all the way from The East. See for more information Bicycle Route Planner : sellect more options and LF-Routes.

51°54′55″N 4°28′11″E
A RET tram leaves the

operates the buses, trams, and metro within the city. You could find a journey planner and some Tophandle bag in smooth Italian leather BOSS iSXRCopuN
there. Alternatively you'd use the pan-Netherlands journey planner – Hortensia Leather Shoulder Bag Charcoal Wandler 1K9z1J
. Transport generally arrives every 10 minutes during the day.

As anywhere else in the country Womens Evania CrossBody Bag Dune London zvku1LIe
is to be used to pay all kinds of public transport. Traveling with this card will be cheapest and fastest, but bear in mind that the card itself costs €7.50 and you'd need to keep a positive balance there for at least €4. See also OV-chipkaart .

Please notice that for using buses and trams checking in and out has to be done in the vehicle, while for train and metro travellers in Rotterdam use the gates at the entrace of the stations.

Alternatively one of the city's transport travel cards could be used:

Free Wi-Fi is available in some trams, buses and metro lines, you just need to accept the terms of use.

Rotterdam Metro reaches as far as Braun (Brown) Rachel Womens CrossBody Bag Braun Brown 115x28x345 cm B x H T Fossil Rachel Womens Cross-Body Bag 11.5x28x34.5 cm (B x H T) Fossil coaRUNLWk

There are 5 metro lines in the city.

Lines A (green), B (yellow) and C (red), share tracks between Schiedam Centrum and Capelsebrug and offer an east-west connection.

Lines D (light blue) and E (blue) share tracks between Rotterdam Centraal and Slinge and offer a north-south connection. Interchange between all lines is possible on Beurs station in the city center.

Lines A, B and C operate every 10 minutes on working days and Saturday, which allows 3-4 minute intervals on the main section between Schiedam Centrum and Capelsebrug . Lines D and E operate every 10 minutes on working days and Saturday, which give shorter intervals between Rotterdam Centraal and Slinge . In the evening, on Saturday morning and Sunday the service is reduced to a 15 minute interval.

The Rotterdam Metro operates from 5:30 until midnight. In 2018, there is a pilot on Friday and Saturday nights with the service extended for one hour.

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As Hurricane Sandy showed us once again, our cities and infrastructure are vulnerable to powerful natural forces. On their own, these forces can be devastating. Throw climate change into the mix, whether it’s stronger, amped up storms or sea level rise, coastal cities are in for some tough times. Well, unless you live in North Carolina ...

At least for a little while after Sandy, our awareness is on resilience, the rather academic way of saying we're trying to figure out how our cities and infrastructure systems (like sewers, electric grid, roads, and subways) can withstand natural disasters. How can cities protect valuable infrastructure and ensure that cities stay up and running in times of large-scale natural disasters?

In the case of Sandy, New York City's subway system was flooded parts of the five boroughs lost electricity for a long time along with a whole host of other issues that go along with being under a deluge of water (and other Small Leather Goods Belts Dodo Bar Or utUFdqwf

One technology that I find particularly intriguing is a giant inflatable balloon that can be used to plug up subway tubes. The ornament belt Brown Katya Dobryakova iNQfsW
about the project led by researchers at the West Virginia University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

Now, this seems more like an emergency patch that would render the subway network unusable in times of emergencies, but if it’s a choice between a giant inflated balloon plugging the subway tube and the East River, I’m sure most people would opt for the balloon.

As the notes, this technology poses some interesting materials challenges. The challenge is to design a lightweight, yet strong and flexible, material that can effectively fill a given volume without getting punctured by whatever lurks in subway tubes.

More robust solutions like sea walls will probably be needed, but at least somebody is thinking outside the box! To see how awesome this technology is, I suggest watching this video of a test from early in 2012. Enjoy:

In theory, it would be like blowing up a balloon inside a tube. But in practice, developing a plug that is strong, durable, quick to install and foolproof to deploy is a difficult engineering task, one made even more challenging because of the pliable, relatively lightweight materials required.

The views expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.


David Wogan

David Wogan is an engineer and policy researcher who writes about energy, technology, and policy.

David's academic and professional background includes a unique blend of technology and policy in the field of energy systems. Most recently, David worked at Austin Energy, a Texas municipal utility, implementing a Department of Energy stimulus grant related to energy efficiency. Previously, David was a member of the Energy Climate Change team at the White House Council on Environmental Quality for the Obama Administration.


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