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Miya Double Function Shoulder Bag in Black Grained Cowskin and Suede See By Chlo xdhbSGhC0a
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                                                        7:25 PM | July 03, 2018
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  • 6:22 PM | July 03, 2018 Records tumble as Australia reach
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  • 11:53 PM | July 02, 2018 Advanced flood warning system made
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    In order to help customers get the most from their GitLab instances, Guest users no longer count against seat count for Ultimate licenses.

    Since these users no longer consume seats (they’re effectively free to add), it gives more users in an organization the chance to join the instance and contribute to the conversation. You’re free to promote these users, but they’ll count against your license’s seat count once they’re promoted beyond Guest in any project or group.

    This also means that if a user logs in and is never added to a project/group, they have no role applied, therefore they are considered as ‘Guests.’

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    Issue boards are a great tool for managing and tracking workflows, as your issues progress through different stages in your lifecycle, with label lists representing those stages.

    With this release, we are introducing assignee lists to issue boards. An assignee list shows issues that are assigned to a specific user. This provides a whole new way to use issue boards: to view and manage issue assignments for your team.

    You can now Leather Accent Tag African Car wash TC001 by VIDA VIDA 9EGOr6g
    to a scope that matches that of your team, and then add assignee lists representing team members. This gives you instant visibility into what issues your team is working on, whether you are a manager who wants an overview and status of the team’s overall responsibilities, or an individual contributor who wants to sync up with another team member’s assigned issues.

    You can even add label lists and assignee lists to the same board.

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    GitLab supports subgroups, and we have now leveraged that subgrouping structure for milestones. For any issue or merge request, you can now assign it a project milestone or a group milestone inherited from any ancestor group.

    In particular, you can now have a high-level group with a set of milestones at that level. You can then use those same milestones in any issues and merge requests in any subgroups deeper down, providing a powerful and flexible mechanism to organize work if you have nested groups and projects.

    Furthermore, you can filter by this milestone in group issue lists and group issue boards, so that you can pull in targeted objects from different levels in customized views.

    See the documentation on Milestones


    Subgroup support is also now consistent in the API when it comes to retrieving issues and merge requests . That is, if you query a particular group through the API for issues and merge requests, you will get results from projects that are immediate children of that group, and also all from projects of all subgroups nesting down further. This is analogous to viewing the same objects in the web UI’s group list views, which was introduced in recent prior releases.

    Quite a few travellers visit the Netherlands to enjoy its famously tolerant attitude (more or less true, especially for the centres of larger cities), which includes relaxed treatment of marijuana use, legal prostitution, a right to euthanasia under strict medical conditions, and acceptance of gays and lesbians, including the right to marry one's same-sex partner.

    Kinderdijk windmills

    The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. No matter where you go, you are never far away from civilization. Cities can be crowded, especially in the Randstad area, where congestion is a serious problem.

    Much of the country is flat and at or below sea level, making it an ideal place to cycle . A few individual hills may be found only at Salland , the Utrechtse Heuvelrug the Sunglasses 1088/S Y1Y5Q Blonde Havana Grey 51 Gucci r0RZZqKSOH
    . South Limburg , the most southern tip of the country, is the only region characterised by rolling hills. This hilly nature (combined perhaps with its distinct culture) have gained it a reputation of being almost "foreign", and have made it a popular holiday destination for the Dutch. The rural countryside throughout the Netherlands is dominated by highly industrialized farming and wide grasslands. It is only because of this industrialisation that the Netherlands can be one of the largest food exporters in the world while being so densely populated.

    Cycling is also a good way to discover picturesque rural landscapes, villages and windmills. While the main cities and attractions are easy to find and navigate, its rural beauty can at first seem a bit harder to find between the extensive development of the countryside. The excellent network of VVV tourist information offices are most helpful for anyone wishing to explore the Dutch provincial areas. They can also provide you with countless biking and hiking routes, especially designed to take you right along the best spots in any region.

    The geography of the Netherlands is also famously influenced by water features. The country is criss-crossed with rivers, canals and dikes, and the beach is never far away. The western coast has extensive sandy beaches and dunes, attracting many Dutch and German visitors. Since the 17th century, about 20% of the entire country has been reclaimed from the sea, lakes, marshes and swamps. The Statement Clutch Epiphany by VIDA VIDA GaicI
    define much of the geography of the North-West.

    Ice skating in Groningen

    The Netherlands has a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. Every month of the year has rainfall, with no wet or dry season. The best time to go is from May to September (daily maximum 18/19°C up to 23°C), but April and October can also see mild and sunny weather.

    In spring, temperatures vary greatly. Frost can occur until the start of May, but temperatures exceeding 20°C are not uncommon either. The sun shines 4 to 7 hours a day on average, increasing throughout the season. Although spring is the driest season (and April is the driest month), always prepare yourself for some rain.


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    Darrelle Revis And the Paradox of Cornerback Stats

    , at

    By Neil Paine

    Joe Robbins/AP

    Less than a year after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made Darrelle Revis one of the splashiest acquisitions of the 2013 NFL off-season, the star cornerback is on the move again — this time Modal Scarf Arizona Lizard by VIDA VIDA JANd1PQew

    The economics behind Tampa Bay’s desire to divest themselves of Revis were predictably complex, given the league’s byzantine salary-cap rules. But suffice it to say, Revis would have cost the Buccaneers’ front office a lot of money. On the field, though, he will bring a lot of value to New England. Last season, he ranked first among cornerbacksin Pro Football Focus’ play-by-play-based grading system (this data is behind a paywall), making it the second time he’s led the NFL in that metric over the past three years. (He also finished first in 2011.)

    But more importantly, Revis’ 2013 contributions extended beyondthe stat sheet. Paradoxically, a top-flight cornerback’s statistics — particularly his interceptions — tend to go down as he plays better.

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    Take the great Deion Sanders . According to Pro-Football-Reference’s Approximate Value (a measure of an NFL player’s overall value to his team), Sanders peaked during the 1996 season, when he was named first-team All-Pro while playing every game for the Dallas Cowboys. Yet that same season, he tied his career-low for interceptions in a season (two) — even a broken-down, 37-year-old Sanders had more picks with the Baltimore Ravens in 2004.

    What was going on? Teams were afraid to throw in Sanders’ direction. He wasn’t accumulating interceptions because he rarely had the chance to do so. The same was true for Revis last season. Despite posting one of the lower interception totals of his career, he was effectively shutting off one half of the field, keeping receivers from getting open and/or scaring the opposing quarterback away from risking a throw in his vicinity.

    Among qualified cornerbacks, only theSeattle Seahawks’Richard Sherman discouraged opposing passes more than Revis. Teams threw in Sherman’s direction once every 17 snaps. Revis was targeted once every 15 snaps. Only two other CBs, the Atlanta Falcons’ Asante Samuel and the New Orleans Saints’ Keenan Lewis, even cracked the one-in-13 barrier last season. You can’t complete a pass if you don’t attempt it, so a lot of Revis’ value lies in this deterrent factor.

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    EU LCS
    skinny belt Brown Marni iOpqQ
    Photo by: Cybersport.com
    Dota 2 Interview
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    When it comes to legendary Dota captains, Clement "Puppey" Ivanov is one for the history books, perhaps only rivaled by the equally seasoned Fetish crystalembellished velvet clutch Saint Laurent qyp84i8
    . At EPICENTER XL, we sat down with the head of Team Secret 's roster to learn what he thinks makes for a good player and why does he put his trust into new talents instead of picking up proven specialists.

    "Puppey" "KuroKy" Team Secret

    You went from having a team of very well known players to bringing on lesser known ones. Is there an advantage to that? I don’t know. A Dota player is a weird animal and a Dota player is full of emotions. A Dota player doesn’t know what he really wants to be a lot of the time. A Dota player perhaps wants to play midlane a lot but actually his truest potential is offlane but he doesn’t want to give it up. He wants to keep striving for it, but he screws up his own potential and therefore, in due time, he will perhaps actually take that advice and actually play offlane or transition from carry to support.

    You went from having a team of very well known players to bringing on lesser known ones. Is there an advantage to that?

    So a lot of times, when the new players actually do come out and I see their potential, it’s usually when I know that they are that type of player. Like, if I pick up , I don’t pick up Ace because I think he’s a “Let's see what he does”. No, I know that this guy is a carry for sure , I know that for a fact. He ain't no offlane, he ain't no support, he ain’t no anything else, he’s a carry player. That’s why I like for instance. I wantto play with him and I want to play with him for one reason: I know that even though he played midlane for Cloud9 , I want him to play offlane because I see his potential being that. He sees it also, that’s why he’s doing it. It’s a mutual idea/process.

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